EKOrast is promoting and implementing sustainable development through education, trainings, events, publications and consultancy.
Erasmus Project
This project aims to fill a gap in Vocational Education and Training (VETI programmes dealing with zero waste and circular economy.) Skills and competences for Zero Waste and Circular Economy (ZW&CE) are becoming extremely important. The primary goal is to support exchange of good practices, develop and reinforce networks, and share and confront ideas, practices and methods. The project aims to create new VET programmes dealing with waste and circular economy, and focuses on developing the interdisciplinary skills needed for the jobs of the future.

We work with organizations to improve their performance through their sustainability strategy, the environmental and social impact of their operations, innovation, stakeholder engagement and the reporting of their non-financial information. In collaboration with Swiss organization BHP we assess and advice about 100 multinationals annually and we provide them with recommendations to improve their CSR performance. We help companies with environmental issues such as well as social issues such as business ethics, diversity at workplace, health and safety, labour norms and human rights.

Green Bin
Mobile Application
If you are ready to take your recycling and overall going green experience to the next level, check out mobile application Green Bin we recently developed. It tells users how, where and when to recycle anything from construction waste, old electronics to expired medicines using your current GPS location. Application covers 80 Slovak cities and directory is going to be enlarged for all 2000 Slovak municipalities soon.
Download app:
Green Day
Awareness Festival

Each year some of the top environmental organizations and experts take the stage to motivate, inspire and teach students, families and public how to live green life and care about our environmental footprint.  The event includes competitions, lectures, films, workshops, testing electric cars.

People can learn how to build sustainable house, support local farmers or become a beekeeper.


Green Office

Publication Green Office provides readers with practical advice on creating a more eco-friendly workplace. These tips help company to save money and boost employee morale while reducing environmental impact. Topics include energy, water and waste management, green IT, cleaning, sustainable transport, air quality, paper consumption and health and safety issues. It presents relevant information on legal issues, overview of environmental product certificates and labels.

Children Education
Kids materials

We developed kids and teachers materials for schools on different topics such as

  • electric waste

  • water protection

  • road safety

We focused on 3 000 primary schools in Slovakia. 

Raising awareness
Speaking at events

We organize events and present at seminars, conferences and festivals dedicated to sustainable development. We  focus on green marketing, innovations, ecological footprint, waste management and many others.

Circular Economy
In June 2017 we were conducting a survey to gain an insight into the challenges and opportunities presented by the circular economy, by enabling 32 companies and other organizations from Slovakia to share their perceptions and experiences with eco-innovations and extended producer responsibility. The final analysis we published was a part of two years long project called MOVECO, which sets its objective to improve the framework conditions and policy instruments for eco-innovation.

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